Floors are not often thought about, until they are. They are expected to look good, coordinate with everything else you have and want, and perform flawlessly over the many lifetimes they come in contact with. You can trust FineFloorz to bring unparalleled experience, unmatched ideas and a lifetime of satisfaction to your home design experience.


You cannot afford downtime for your business, for any reason. However, your floors not only provide a safe and effective platform for your business to operate, they need to reflect your unique culture. You will enjoy the ease and peace of mind you get with working with our experienced advisors. They handle every detail, guiding you through every aspect, and assisting you in making every decision. They take the worry out of the process, making sure every detail is adhered to, so you are free to focus on whats most important, your business.


One of the most often overlooked and important facets of getting the most out of your floors is the right kind of care for them, in the right intervals. Let our professionals create a care calendar to take the guesswork out of inspecting and maintaining your floors... so they outperform and outlive even the most discerning lives.

Innovative and Timeless Fine Floorz Designs

Fine Floorz has developed thousands of designs all with their unique requirements. Many of them using advanced materials and techniques that many out of the box vendors don’t. Allowing us to design and build beautiful and lasting floors without compromise, ever. In fact, we are continually learning and always pushing the envelope to ensure you are getting a lifetime out of your flooring investment!


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The Possibilities With Fine Floorz Are Endless

With Fine Floorz you can effortlessly design jaw-dropping floors throughout your home or business that wow you and your clients time and time again. With many functional, yet beautiful options and our exclusive no hassle guarantee, you will get what you want every time. Guaranteed that no two installations with Fine Floorz will ever be the same!

We Have Every Possible Design Option You Can Imagine


We source real hardwood flooring of every conceivable type, size, color, grain and more from every corner of the world. From highly specialized to maximum value and durability, we will help you choose what’s right for your needs.

Vinyl Flooring

With all the different styles of vinyl flooring today, no wonder people are confused. You can choose anything that looks like, stone, to wood, to linoleum to your own custom design. Anything you can imagine, you truly can have at a price anyone can afford!

Ceramic Tile

Still one of the most popular choices for residential and businesses alike. Choose from thousands of choices with this durable and classic flooring, from classy to casual, you are bound to find a tile that’s perfect for you.


Cut pile Saxony textured cut pile saxony, frieze, cut and uncut patterned, multi-level loop, and level loop are the carpet types to choose from. Whether for a den, office, living room, or other room where style and comfort is key, we help you choose the right type and color for your application.

Agglomerate Stone

These products offer the look of natural stone but are stain and scratch resistant, offer consistency and strength, and are virtually maintenance free. It is a manufactured from natural stone chips suspended in a binder such as cement, epoxy resins or polyester. Most well known stone is poured-in-place terrazzo, which has been used in building for thousands of years.

Stone Tile

Whether you want to dress up the outdoors, or bring the feel of the outdoors in, natural stone tile comes in many forms to suite your preferences.

Concrete Staining

Staining and treating a concrete floor can add dramatic marbling and give a depth of color not available in any other type of floor… all at a fraction of the cost of stone.


Get the look and feel of exotic wood or high-end stone at a fraction of the cost, with this floor type. For high-traffic areas and active households, the durability of laminate is hard to beat.

Natural Stone

Whether marble, travertine, slate, granite, or one of the many agglomerates, natural stone and natural stone composites cannot be beat when it comes to sheer beauty and durability.

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In Fact, We Have Tons of Options

From Tons of Manufacturers

  • Shaw Floors

  • Royalty Carpet Mills

  • Mohawk Flooring

  • Gulistan Flooring

  • Godfrey Hirst

  • Unique Carpets

  • Fabrica

  • Masland Carpets

  • Camelot Carpet Mills

  • Moda carpets

  • Catalina Carpet Mills

  • Bliss Flooring

  • Stanton Carpet

  • Kane Carpet

  • Hibernia Woolen Mills

  • Couristan

  • Dixie Home

  • Woolshire

  • Blueridge

  • Kraus

  • Gulistan

  • Mirage

  • Duchateau

  • Urban Floor

  • Homer Wood

  • The Garrison Collection

  • Hallmark Hardwoods

  • PFS Floors

  • Armstrong

  • California Classic Reserve Collection

  • Millstone

  • Bruce

  • LM Flooring

  • Natures Select

  • Alloc

  • Theme Presets

  • Tarkett

  • Lauzon

  • Provenza

  • Triangulo

  • Quick Step

  • And Much, Much More!

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