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The Benefits of Choosing Brand Name Flooring | Fine Floorz

When it comes to choosing new flooring for your home, how much difference does a brand name flooring really make? How much money are you really saving and what are you giving up for a lower price?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself when considering the brand of flooring to use in your home. After all, these are the floors that you are likely to have for years and years to come. Quality should be the most important factor so your flooring can stand up to the test of time.

Here are some benefits of choosing brand name flooring that you might not have thought about before:


When you purchase flooring from a brand name company, they will almost always come with a warranty and/or other guarantee that their product is quality. If anything were to go wrong with your new flooring, or if it doesn’t end up being to your liking, you want to be able to call up the company and have your problem fixed. Brand name companies will offer you a protection package to cover you.


Brand name companies are popular and successful for a reason. They have built a reputation based on quality products and great service.

Generic brand companies just cannot offer the same amount of reliability and quality that brand name companies have cultivated over the years.

Better Selection

While some generics versions are going to have their own versions of most popular flooring looks, they are unlikely to have the sheer selection of products that brand name flooring companies will have.

Better Quality

Off-brand companies versions, just aren’t the same. Pay attention to the fine details, the look, the feel, even the smell of the product put out by brand name companies as compared to the off brands. A brand name company’s product might cost a little more than the off brand, but there’s a reason for it. These generic versions aren’t made of the same high quality materials and engineered the same way the products from a brand name manufacturer are.

Company Practices

Aside from the warranties and quality of the product you are purchasing, your brand name flooring manufacturer likely has some company practices that benefit you, their employees, and the environment.

A large brand name company is more likely to have policies regarding appropriate waste removal and recycling. They also typically employ a lot more people and have better and safer factories as well as provide benefits and other employment perks to their workers.

You Get What You Pay For

Overall, when you are making a choice about flooring remember that you get what you pay for. When you choose a name brand flooring you are not just purchasing quality flooring, but you are purchasing everything they put into that flooring. All of that companies practices, warranties, extra features and overall success goes into the products they put out.