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Budget Bathroom Remodel | Fine Floorz

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Bathroom remodels can stretch upwards of 25k or more. 2. Get a little extra milage from your bathroom’s interior design this spring without blowing your savings account. With some diligence and elbow grease, you can dramatically transform your bathroom over the weekend. Here are some handy interior decorating tips to get you started.

Interior Decorating Tip #1: Repaint Your Bathroom

If your bathroom walls are shedding paint chips, or just an awful shade of mauve, a repainting job could be in order. Your new color choices will probably hinge on the mood you wish to create in your bathroom. Do you want a calm, relaxed atmosphere? Use blues and greens. Would you prefer a more energetic ambience? Choose warm colors. If you’re worried that repainting your bathroom would take forever, don’t despair. Typically you can finish painting an average-sized bathroom in a couple of days.

Interior Decorating Tip #2: Hide Your Bathroom’s Flaws with Small Touches

Place houseplants in your bathroom. Not only can houseplants bring life and color to your bathroom’s interior design scheme, plants’ fluid shapes help to offset your bathroom’s rigid angles.

If your bathroom flooring looks unattractive, try placing a large bathmat on your floor.

Install softer lighting. Dimmer switches are inexpensive and simple to mount, and muted lights can go a long way toward masking bathroom blemishes.

If you decide that your bathroom needs brand-new accessories, such as faucets or mirrors, seek out home and garden shows that feature the latest styles in bathroom decor. From bathtubs to sinks, home and garden shows can let you preview up-to-the-minute interior design options before you buy them.