Maintenance Keeps Your Floors Looking New…

Life happens to our floors whether we remember to take perfect care of them or not. That becomes obvious when accidents happen, and when they do, you need to know what to do. That’s why we are here. But when is the last time you had anyone out to look at that creak in the floor, growing crack in the grout, or the spot you swore was a stain, but its getting bigger? These seemingly small problems could be signs of bigger issues that left unaddressed, could cost thousands down the road. Wouldn’t it be easier if we just new what to look for and when? Well with all the different materials, installation methods, construction and more these days, its virtually impossible. That’s why when come to Fine Floorz we put you on a Floor Care Calendar.

So what does that mean to me? We schedule an appointment at the next advisable service interval for a free in home floor inspection. We look at dozens of areas and at the end provide you an assessment on the state of your floors. Additionally, if we find any major or pressing issues, we will work with you and your insurance company, where applicable, to get repairs scheduled and performed ASAP. We have been able to find anything from broken pipes, to pest damage, to structural shifting and many other issues, simply from a 1 hour walk through.

In addition, we keep the history regarding your floors in our database, and will often identify potential issues based on that information, such as recalls, care updates, warnings, and other memos that don’t just affect the life and quality of your floors, but potentially you and your family too. We keep up with the latest information regarding the materials used in your home or business, the installation dates and methods, as well as, any other pertinent industry data we feel is relevant to you, our clients. When something arises that really causes concern, we manually go through our records to find anyone that may be affected by it.

Because of all the variables related to floor materials, installation methods, and other things, its impossible to cover every possible maintenance requirement online. Check with your Fine Floorz specialist for your specific requirements and recommendations on caring for your Fine Floorz.

Whether its a major repair, a simple maintenance item, or just a demo on how to care for your new stone floor, Fine Floorz has you covered.



We will not only provide you with a care plan for your floors, we will follow up to make sure things are going as expected. If you are having difficulty with certain aspects of your floor maintenance routine, we will work with you to figure out an alternate solution, or we’ll do it for you!


You saw the tile you and the wife love on sale at the hardware store, or maybe you thought it would be easier to refinish the hardwood floors in your son’s room, or maybe you thought the kit at the hardware store to epoxy your garage looked easy.. but you found yourself weeks into the project, several issues later, and just want to get it done.. No problem! We are here to service YOU! You have no idea how many weekend warriors we’ve helped out of refinishing a bathroom, laying stone interlocking pavers.. level.. or tons of other projects. We are able to pick them up, get them done, and no one is the wiser. For all your neighbors know.. you still did it. Who cares you used a pen to finish the job!


And when they do, you have to get them repaired or replaced. Whether it was a simple accident, a weekend project gone south, or something just wore out, we will have your old floors looking brand new in no time.