Fine Floorz has been a general commercial flooring contractor for years.  Our Experience in commercial flooring installation can be seen all over the East Bay area.  Whether you’re the owner of a company, or someone fortunate enough to be chosen with the task, you’ve come to the right place. It’s our job to make you look good. We know just how many choices and how much effort it is to choose the right floors for any application. So many questions to be answered:

  • How much should I spend on commercial flooring?
  • What kind of commercial floor will be professional, and convey our cure values, without breaking the bank?
  • What types of floors perform best in high traffic areas?
  • Commercial Carpet? Tile? Linoleum? Wood? Composite? Stone? So many choices.
  • What colors are neutral, convey a nice clean and professional appearance, wear well, easy to maintain, won’t stain, and won’t break the bank?
  • Should I get spare flooring to hedge against future damage?
  • Or one of a hundred other questions floating around in your mind…

Don’t worry, we’ll take all the guesswork out of the process. Through our over 23 years in business we have dressed the floors of thousands of businesses, all of whom that are still in business are with us today. We take you through a step by step process to:

  • help you determine your flooring requirements
  • identify and provide a number of options
  • guide you through the selection of those options
  • scope all demolition, removal, disposal and installation and touch up work to be performed
  • schedule your flooring installation
  • prepare you for your flooring install date
  • Perform the flooring install, all while maintaining the least disruption to your business
  • follow up to ensure all details had been performed and expectations exceeded

Fine Floorz has been in the business of helping businesses with flooring for many years. We have an unprecedented number of satisfied, repeat customers. If we’ve done your business, we often do your home next. And your neighbors. And family members. And whoever you think to tell.. and you will tell anyone who walks in and sees your 10 year old heard wood floors looking as good as they day they were installed.. who installed them. We’ve come to know this through the years, and we only get better. 

We have worked individually and with General Contractors on many Commercial projects, offering all the latest trends in flooring designs specifically engineered to enhance commercial environments. Some of our Commercial Flooring clients include:

Bank of America
William Sonoma
Oak Stone Construction
Lakeview Construction
Chase Bank

Fine Floorz Commercial Flooring is great for:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Offices
  • Business Locations
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Churches
  • Indoor Malls
  • Shopping Centers
  • Car Dealerships

Fine Floorz is a family owned and operated business, built on a foundation of integrity and excellent customer service. We understand that purchasing new flooring is a long term investment. There are many decisions that need to be made regarding flooring styles and installation procedures. Our goal is to assist you to find the best flooring solutions for your residential or commercial project.

As a licensed contractor for floor covering by The State of California, Mitchell Barocio along with his wife Laura own Fine Floorz. They have been in the flooring business for over 23 years and serve clients around the entire greater San Francisco Bay Area. He answers questions via phone or e-mail and also provides in home free estimates.

Quality is our middle name. We hold a 2012 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award as well as many five star ratings on Yelp and we are also a Diamond Certified Company. Many customers come to us because of our commitment to personal care and product knowledge. We take the time to listen to the needs of our customers to meet your timeframe and project budget.

NOT JUST FLOORING: Fine Floorz offers some of the most advanced Tile, Kitchen and Bath products for both commercial and residential applications. We can help you every step of the way from design to purchase to install. We have a huge variety of Ceramic, Porcelain, Decorative tile, Mosaic and wall tiles, Glass tile, and Natural Stone Tiles, for indoor or outdoor use.


We aim high. We aim to treat you just like our own. We don’t just say we treat you like family, its built into how we were raised. Fine Floorz is a family owned, family run business. Business IS personal to us. We take great care to make sure every single person is not just satisfied, but happy with their experience and the end result.


We pull from the broad and vast experiences of not only our team, but experts in the industry, as well as, our customers. No one knows what they want, more than you do. Its our job to help bring that out of you and ensure you are truly satisfied. After all, we’ve had over 23 years to perfect what that looks like with thousands of people… we’re confident we can get it right with you too.


We not only learn form the past, but use it to look to the future. We know we don’t know everything, therefore we pride ourselves in our forward thinking and innovation. Constantly pushing the envelope for what can be done. If we reach and don’t quite make it, then we will do it again, until we do. Your happiness is paramount to our existence. We have learned that above all else.. and without you, there is no future.

Looking for a little something different? We've got you covered!