Fine Floorz is a family owned and operated business, built on a foundation of integrity and excellent customer service. We understand that purchasing new flooring is a long term investment. There are many decisions that need to be made regarding flooring styles and installation procedures. Our goal is to assist you to find the best flooring solutions for your residential or commercial project.

As a licensed contractor for floor covering by The State of California, Mitchell Barocio along with his wife Laura own Fine Floorz. They have been in the flooring business for over 23 years and serve clients around the entire greater San Francisco Bay Area. He answers questions via phone or e-mail and also provides in home free estimates.

Quality is our middle name. We hold a 2012 Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award as well as many five star ratings on Yelp and we are also a Diamond Certified Company. Many customers come to us because of our commitment to personal care and product knowledge. We take the time to listen to the needs of our customers to meet your timeframe and project budget.

Mitchell Barocio


Mitchell Barocio Has been in the flooring business from owning carpet cleaning company to now flooring with over 30 years of experince. His comprehensive product knowledge and hands-on approach to project management have been essential to Fine Floorz’ success. He has spent many years developing his understanding of textiles and fibers, so he knows exactly what it takes to provide excellent results. He also enjoy being out in the field and working directly with his project managers and installers—it gives him the chance to care for each customer on an individual basis.

Laura Barocio


Laura Barocio Has been with Mitchell in both the flooring business from owning the carpet cleaning company to now co owning Fine Floorz flooring with over 30 years of product knowledge and hands-on vendor project management she has been essential to Fine Floorz’ success. She has spent many years developing her understanding of the textiles, fibers tile, laminate and wood flooring. She knows exactly what it takes to provide excellent ideas and solutions for the best results. She also enjoys being out in the field and meeting directly with the clients—it gives her the chance to provide quality care for each client on an individual basis.

Tami Barocio

Operations Manager  

Tami comes to us from the hospitality industry. Her 12+ years of experience managing hotels with the Hyatt and LodgeWorks makes her the perfect fit to round out our team of professionals. She brings a spirit of excellence to the day to day operations and helps to put systems into place that simplify our lives. She enjoys worship, family time with her children, sharing her heart and making a positive impact in the lives of those around her. She has a genuine heart and loves providing superior service to both our vendors and clients alike.

Vicki Walters

Office Manager

Vicki came to Fine Floorz after a career with AT&T of 27 years as an installer, tool person, Special Services Manager and network technician. She had the organizational skills needed to assist Fine Floorz in the daily operations. She is married and lives in Pleasant Hill, which makes for a short commute. Vicki is an early riser with a sunny attitude and may be the first contact you have when calling Fine Floorz. Give her a call.

Suzanne Punt

Senior Design Consultant

Suzanne enjoys working with clients that need assistance putting together the colors and textures included in their remodel. If you’re changing the flooring in one small room, interested in new flooring for your entire home, selecting tile for a bathroom or coordinating paint colors with furniture and new flooring; these are just a few of the attributes she possesses. She enjoys finding the perfect flooring to suit the needs of your family and home. Her friendly personality and attention to detail make her an irreplaceable asset to our team here at Fine Floorz.

J.D. Kreutz

Senior Project Manager

J.D. Kreutz is a senior project manager. He is a third generation flooring expert. His parents and grandparents were all in the flooring industry. As a result, JD grew up in a flooring store. He has been managing flooring projects for 19 years. He is passionate about walking his clients through every aspect of the construction and design process and helping to turn their flooring dreams into a reality. His specialty is hardwood flooring. He and his wife have lived in the Walnut Creek area for the last ten years. His 3 children attend Pleasant Hill Elementary. In his free time, JD enjoys fishing, camping and golfing.


We aim high. We aim to treat you just like our own. We don’t just say we treat you like family, its built into how we were raised. Fine Floorz is a family owned, family run business. Business IS personal to us. We take great care to make sure every single person is not just satisfied, but happy with their experience and the end result.


We have many years of experience across a broad range of projects. We’ve seen it all. Our professionals know where all the pitfalls are and how to avoid them to make sure you get exactly what you want.


We pull from the broad and vast experiences of not only our team, but experts in the industry, as well as, our customers. No one knows what they want, more than you do. Its our job to help bring that out of you and ensure you are truly satisfied. After all, we’ve had over 23 years to perfect what that looks like with thousands of people… we’re confident we can get it right with you too.


We not only learn form the past, but use it to look to the future. We know we don’t know everything, therefore we pride ourselves in our forward thinking and innovation. Constantly pushing the envelope for what can be done. If we reach and don’t quite make it, then we will do it again, until we do. Your happiness is paramount to our existence. We have learned that above all else.. and without you, there is no future.



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