Carpeted floors are favorites in the household because they can easily create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere in any room in your home. Carpet is simple to maintain, easy on the wallet with the lowest total cost, quick to install, and is versatile enough to match the decor of any room. It is also the best choice for those who prefer warm and cozy areas and sound-insulation for their floors.

However, with the vast array of carpet qualities, types, and styles, the task of getting the right carpet to perfectly match a room and your needs can be daunting. Most homeowners are not acquainted with the factors affecting carpet selection and performance so they can end up with the wrong purchases if not helped by professionals.

Understanding what is important to consider when buying carpet will not only help individuals choose the right material for their carpeting; it also results in a good investment and the most cost-effective decisions.

If you are looking for flooring types other than carpet, check out our other great flooring options below.



Here are some tips to help you shop for the best carpet type:

Carpet Durability
The most important aspect of carpet for the long-term is its durability. There is more to durability than just the brand and the way a carpet feels. A carpet’s durability is directly related to:

The thickness or density of the carpet
The fiber it is made from
The way a carpet is constructed (tip #4, types of carpet)
When looking for the most durable carpet for your budget you must consider the following:

Carpet Density
Carpet density is how close the fiber strands of a carpet are to each other. The denser the carpet the longer it will stand up straight and the less it will “crush”. However the denser the carpet, the less soft it will be (there are nice dense carpets on the market that are still soft). You will have to decide if long term quality or softness of the carpet is more important. Or choose a carpet that is dense but still soft and get the best of both worlds.

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